Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Printing in Times of Elections 2008

The world of printing in times of elections is as strange as you might imagine.
Not only people are exceptionally worried about the current crisis, but the slowdown that drags from the summer is still around.

Printing companies, marketing offices, digital printing services and color copy shops know this very well and find their patterns of business altered. I see first hand at the Bulk Mail Office at the USPS how fewer mailing companies drop mail. By the way, haven't you seen less mail in your mailboxes lately? (non-political mail, I mean)
You (an advertiser) just can't compete against what is main stream and this year it is Obama-McCain - ELECTIONS 2008.

Next week it'll be a whole different game.
After elections day, just plug those new batteries into yourself and back to the "Make-it-happen" mode. Minds will be clear about half of us enthusiastic and the rest getting busy just to forget a bad day.... and I bet that you'll start to think again in those promotions that you want to run, that jingle that's resonating in your head and so much more.

Tell me if I'm wrong:
Two weeks from now, your mailbox will be full again. (no credit card solicitations, I'm sure) Printing will be all around us again and creativity will be at its highest level.

See you!