Monday, January 30, 2012

How cool it is to have full color envelopes!

Color printing took off several years ago, but there are some uses that remained more restricted than others, and one of  those is the use of full color printed envelopes.

Companies such as added new technology that can get you as few full color envelopes as needed, as opposed to what was required a few years ago.

Custom envelopes for a party invitation, or to promote an event, or even to make the recipient aware of the value of what the envelope holds, full color envelopes are the best tool to use.

Color Copies USA will create the artwork for you if necessary, or will take advantage of what you created yourself.

An interesting point about these envelopes is that each of those can be personalized 100%. You might wonder how does that work: Well, let's assume that you are creating envelopes to hold an invitation. Each envelope could have the name imprinted in full color in large fonts, or we could imprint an image based on the gender of the recipient, or based on the day of the week when the event to which this individual is being invited takes place.

The opportunities are numberless.

It is just your imagination that will mark the usage opportunities.

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