Monday, November 16, 2009

ColorCopiesUSA announces Color Printing Specials for the Fall

Color Copies USA has announced their special discounted offers for Fall 2009.
The company has presented saving options on products of the different lines:
color copies, color printing, banner printing, trade show stands for trade shows.
All of the services are provided at the speed of color copies.

Color Copies USA's customers will therefore, be able to build their projects faster than ever before envisioned.

For any questions, please call at 1-877-421-0668

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Print09 Trade Show in Video for you

We visited PRINT09, the largest trade show for the printing industry.

There are several video presentations showing key aspects of modern printing and marketing.
You'll be able to hear about variabl data printing, mailing, processing and more.

Please let me know if you have specific questions related to the show, qnd we'll try to answer them.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Print09: Printing Industry Trade Show in Chicago Sept. 11-16, 2009

For those in the printing industry, the Print09 trade show is in Chicago from September 11-16, 2009. With over 600 exhibitors and over 90 education programs, Print09 will showcase the latest innovations in offset printing and printing technology.

Industry trends will be discussed at a breakfast summit, which is sponsored by the Research and Engineering Council of the NAPL on September 14th. According to a press release from Research and Engineering Council of NAPL:

An engaging new format allows for panelists to be questioned by both the moderators and audience members. According to Robert G. Whitton, Managing Director of the Research & Engineering Council of NAPL, “The format of the Print 09 Summit will allow for more interaction between the panelists and audience members. The speakers are prepared to address one of the hardest-hitting issues facing all business owners today: investing in technology. With their first-hand knowledge, they’ll provide answers to the “how, why, and when” of making that crucial business decision.”

To learn more about Print09, visit the official website here. If you are planning on attending Print09 and need affordable trade show graphics, retractable banners, or color copies of your marketing materials, let Color Copies USA take care of all your printing needs.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Boost Your Business With A Restaurant Newsletter

A restaurant newsletter is an ideal way to boost your business and develop a relationship with customers. It can be done in electronic form and sent to email lists and posted on your restaurant website, in print form to be mailed and given to customers at the restaurant, or a combination of both.

By Jose L Riesco

A combination of sales, promotion, marketing and public relations are required to achieve long-term success with any small business. As far as a restaurant is concerned, in order to fill your tables frequently you will need to make sure that your current customers return, and that you can attract new ones. Customers are the cornerstone of your business. Make sure that your atmosphere, value for money, quality of food and highly trained, attentive staff are ready.

A restaurant newsletter is an ideal way to boost your business and develop a relationship with customers. You can decide to do a color printed version that you can mail, distribute to the neighborhood businesses or just leave by the door at the restaurant, or having an electronic newsletter that you can email. I would suggest a combination of both since in this way you cover all your customer’s preferences.

Your restaurant newsletter should have the same image than your restaurant. If your restaurant is formal and upscale, so it should be your newsletter. If you are a casual, family restaurant, then your bulletin should have a fun and friendly look and be written in an upbeat, casual tone.

In any type of color copies or online materials about your restaurant, relevant information should be provided somewhere, whether in a box off to the side, as part of the title box, or as an informational line at the bottom. Pertinent information includes name of restaurant, street address, phone and fax numbers, hours of operation, website address and email address.

The content of your restaurant newsletter should be less self-promoting and more customer-focused. The restaurant newsletter should not be self-promoting, it should be customer focused. The customer wants to know about your monthly specials, your charitable commitments, any new seasonal menus, a story behind this month’s recipe, your new celebrity chef, industry trends, or new features of your restaurant.

It is important that you maintain a consistent delivery date (even if it’s only quarterly). If you overdo the communication, customers will view it as advertising rather than information. A monthly publication is probably best if you have a lot going on, but if you change menus seasonally and don’t hold many special events or fundraisers, then consider a quarterly one.

A good restaurant newsletter is one that customers can quickly read. You don’t need to write long articles. Short articles with short sentences will do better. Catchy headlines and dividers to separate articles also help. Be sure to break up text with white space. Include only one or two small images, whether of food, staff, or other appropriate photo, so as not to jam a persons email box.

With any restaurant newsletter, be sure to provide links. If you are printing your newsletter, don’t forget to include clear links so that your customers can follow when they have access to a computer. Very Important: Don’t forget to include instructions on how to subscribe to your list and to recommend to forward your newsletters to their friends and family. You should think about offering incentives to new subscribers and setup a formalized referral system for your existing subscribers. Encouraging feedback by asking a question or taking a poll is also a great feature to include in a newsletter.

Jose L Riesco worked in the IT industry for 18 years and owned a restaurant before working full time as a consultant and marketing expert. By creating a unique client-centric Strategy, restaurateurs will be able to dramatically increase their sales while reducing marketing expenses. To find more about his Restaurant Marketing Strategies and his new book visit his web site:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

5 Tips for Prepping a Sucessful Trade Show Exhibition

Preparing your exhibit for a trade show and meeting your goals at a trade show are not always easy. On the good side, you are in control of the way in which you represent your company, but many other aspects of the show are absolutely far from your control.

Some aspects of a trade show that is out of your control are:

  • How many visitors will show-up, what's their buying power.

  • Who your booth neighbors are and how much public they draw or reject.

If the show has run before, you may be able to gather demographic or other forms of information on past attendees. Additionally, there are sophisticated software tools that will help you determine how many qualified visitors to expect based on previous data, geographical location of your booth.

Here are some other considerations for a trade show exhibit during the preparation stage:

  1. You must have documentation available both for by-passers and for genuine prospects (the software mentioned above will help you potential prospects and total attendance.) You may need brochures or other documents with two levels of depth. One set for overview information and the second one for specific product information. This means that you need double sets of brochures, technical data, presentation folders, and samples. Not all visitors expect to receive the same information. Digital printing in the shape of color copies, large format printed posters, digitally printed presentation folders and traditional large volume printing will help you put together all of your documents with a minimum waste charge. You will need less prospect-documents than general-public ones. Specific documents though require much more preparation and a lot of double checking. These are the documents that prospects really interested in your product or service will pay the most attention to.

  2. You need to make sure that you attract visitor's attention. Busy neighbors will help traffic. It'll be up to you to take advantage of traffic. Graphics, thank-you gifts and a charming team at your booth will do a good job when coordinated properly.

  3. Record keeping during the show is critical. Show organizers often provide a card reader but unless the card information is completed with more detailed notes you'll have difficulty in distinguishing by-passers from prospects

  4. Have a strategy to recognize by-passers from prospects during the first minute of the conversation with one of your customer support personnel. Have a "short" booth presentation and an extended version for those who want to go that way. Asking a visitor about their company, their task and what they know about use of your product in their organization will help you do that fast screening.

  5. After the show, go back to your office and be fast to initiate further contact with your prospect. If you made the commitment to mail additional information, do so. If you promised to provide an estimate, email it and follow-up with a phone call. Send a hard copy as well.

There are many companies that can help you develop a plan for your show, as well as to design the artwork of your posters, presentation boards and pop-up booth decorations.

Some resources for trade show printed materials are:

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Video posted! Check it out

I'm so excited about this new video! It puts into images some of the great things we do for our customers. Make sure to take a look and comment on it.

We print competitively priced color copies. You can create and design your color copy with Microsoft Word or any other editing software, email your files, and, in return, get the best color copies available in the market.

We have many years of knowledge and experience in digital printing among our professional staff, that we see the fine details that you most overlook.

The equipment that we use is best-in-class: well maintained, calibrated, and running the most sophisticated software.

Enjoy it!