Sunday, December 14, 2008

DIGITAL World. New Reality

Digital TV, digital cameras, digital mp3 players, watches, computers, sensors... and the list goes on.

It used to be that manuscripts would be transformed into lead blocks (usually called fonts, which not too long ago came from founderies) and used to carry ink on paper, thus creating a printed piece.

Very few of our customers currently have real manuscripts. There are of course handwritten corrections to an older version of a document, but pieces fully created with a pen and paper?, no; you hardly see those any more.

Computers brought the level of simplicity up significantly, but let me point out other reasons why you might want to explore the use of a computer the next time you create a document that needs to get printed:

  1. Even if you're not a fast typist, the opportunity to redo your work with just a few clicks is amazing. Clarifying concepts on the fly, rewriting from a different perspective and then deciding to go back to the previous version, or even comfronting are not only simple, but possible to a degree that had been unthought of.

  2. Nobody else than yourself will be able to make the point exactly as it should be made. You know much more about your trade than anybody else, so by presenting your ideas in an organized way make a world of a difference

  3. Last but not least, if you type a document yourself, you'll save some money by not paying a professional typist. Of course, companies like ours offer professional copy writing and editing, but very often, just by taking advantage of your own digital talent, you'll come up with the piece that's just right.

If you're still not convinced about the advantage of self expression and content generation, try a very simple exercise: Think of a topic and write about 200 words on a lined paper. Then go to the computer and do the same (same topic), give it a few minutes for you to re-read it and a few more to tweak it a little bit, and you'll see the magic that you can come up with.

This coming holiday season is giving us a great opportunty to work on creation. Take some time to play with ideas, concepts and flows of ideas.

I look forward to seing you shortly.

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