Monday, December 01, 2008

Don't follow the crowd!

The crowd is in panic. Only today we've learned that our country is formally in a recession. Not only that, but we've been in one for the last 12 months.

The good part of the news is that we are closer leaving it behind (which will eventually happen).
But what should we do until our news anchors formally inform us of the end of this chaotic period?
Would it be downsizing? Would it be taking a winter vacation?

The way in which I see things is that this is a time of opportunity. This is a time to reposition yourself and to look at your inner strengths, and to gain room.

It's time to advertise and to promote yourself and your business. This is the time to demonstrate your mastery and leadership. Show your commitment to your audience.

Your message will come out clear and distinctive. Less people are willing to show themselves off and run the risk of advertising.

I can't promise the world, but your chances are definitely better than on regular days. Do your promotions right now. Not when the news anchors tell you so. What'll happen then is that it'll take time to find your advertising company, to get them to work on your projects and worst of all, you'll see in front of your eye the opportunities gone.

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