Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A good point for your next advertising campaign

Do you remember Amex's 2007 ad showing Beyonce traveling around the world and enjoying the lifestyle that "the card" implies?
Watch the video on youtube

Those times are gone for some time at least. Those extravagant situations do no longer apply to real life nor they seem appropriate and therefore you don't even want them on your wish list at this time.

So what's for advertisers to say to one another?
Well, we'll start to see charming scenarios: back to family values, tender relations and a lot of support among friends, relatives and co-workers.
We all look for support in times of crisis, and this is one of those!

It's probably the time of nice gestures rather than the time of an exotic lifestyle.
We'll start to see this trend everywhere. A sweet chocolate bar will start to mean a lot again and maybe we'll re-connect with some of those values that we had not taken care of lately.

Do you agree with me?

See you!

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