Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a performance by Sarah Brightman in South Florida!

Last night Sarah presented her show at the Bank Atlantic Center with the mastery we all expected from her.

It was not only about her singing, but about the wardrobe, the dancers, the technology in place for this show.

At moments Sarah looked like she was flying in the air, at others the images that were projected on the angled mirror "garage-type" wall created astonishing effects.

Her orchestra and dancers were superb, and no one was disapointed by her performance. You know it because the applause went on and on....

Why would this concert be relevant to my usual printing tips?
The reason is this: the visual effects (and I don't mean Terminator-like situations) were soft, creative and smart. The performance hit the audience through the senses at different levels at the same time. The result is the satisfaction of the audience.

When designing an advertising piece, try to imagine those types of events where all the senses have something to say. Create having different objectives in mind. Work on the visual effect, but work on the intellectual side as well. Allow readers of your advertising piece to connect through different ways. In that way they'll be embracing what you have to say.

Have a great week!

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