Sunday, November 09, 2008

Outsourcing short run color printing might be the best option for your company

It may be the case that your company is overspending when the topic is "Color Copies"
Take a minute to ready the resolution that Citigroup made in early September 08 as per what a memo seems to circulate:
The memo sent out from the company includes the following item: “The use of color copying and printing dramatically increases our copying and printing costs. Color presentations are unnecessary for internal purposes; therefore going forward color copying and printing should only be used for client presentations. Also whenever possible, presentations should be printed double sided to reduce unnecessary paper usage. Over time, we will be removing color copiers and printers from the locations where they are not essential for purposes of preparing client presentations.”

Citigroup has probably about the best contracts in the industry for their copier machines. Even though that strengh, they still know that owning the printers does not do them any good.

They still carry the following expenses:
  1. Maintenance contract with the copier vendor
  2. Employees that must be technologically inclined, ready to understand software and the requirements of the printed jobs. Preparation of the jobs could vary significantly: different types of paper might be involved, a "combo" of color and black and white documents might be needed, post-printing processing might be needed (collating, coil binding, numbering, etc)
  3. On top of the investment, the training of employees that might move into a different area shortly or even leave the company, plus the time it takes to run jobs.
For all of this reasons we think that outsourcing entirely your printing needs makes so much sense.
A brief email with an atachment are usually enough to run a job. Companies such as Color Copies USA utilize online forms and proofing methods that improve the purchasing experience

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